Mind Games

Know Thy Neighbor

Episode 2

After the events at Harvard’s Institute of Psionics our heroes gathered at the local police station, brought to the basement where the STRAP offices are found. Aeron Dover, and Dr. Nickolas Bedard had been brought in for questioning and placed behind bars. Before Agent Theodore Chalk or his new partner, Agent Christopher Renato could get any real questions answered, several calls came in, and STRAP Chief, Gordan McGillus asked them to wait.

Nearly an hour later McGillus finished his calls and had Agent Chalk bring Aeron into a interrogation room where both were suprised to find someones personal tablet with a video call open to a Dr. Pennyworth from one of Kantavon Corporations research and development teams.

Meanwhile, Astor Bryant, a graduate from the private psionic school in Toronto, who happened to be at the Harvard Intatute for a job interview was called in, where he met with Agent Nowel Holiday, who eventually took him into the room with Chalk and Dover and then eventually Renato.

There our heroes were informed that they had been selected to perform a mission for both [[The Federation of Earth | ]The Federation ] and Kantavon to find, and retrieve both Alvin Chalk and the proto-type weapon-gauntlet he had stolen from Kantavon. Aeron Dover hinted that there was probably more to this than they were told.

With less that 48 hours to prepare for their trip to the Rocky Mountains the party decided to split up and get some things done. Aeron took it apon himself to stay at the STRAP Station and teach Astor how to use a firearm, and body-armor under agent Holiday’s supervision. Dr. Bedard had been released, and was asked to make a list and gather the medical supplies needed for the trip, while agents Chalk and Renato went to the Emerson Hopsital, a few miles east, to speak with the wounded terrorist.


Dr. Bedards list - Bandages – different sizes and types, Steteoscope. Antimicrobial. Antibacterial, Ansethtic -- Specificly Colorform and morphine, tongs, gauze, water, needle and thread, asprin and Ibprofun.

Know Thy Neighbor
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