Mind Games

Party's Just Begining.

Episode One

The day after the incident our heroes come across the following article in the news giving a brief retelling of their action. All our heroes are currently tied up at the local police station, dealing with paperwork, being asked questions or unfortunately behind bars.

The Harvard Institute of Psionics, a public school funded by The Federation of Earth to train young psions how to use and control their powers, was holding a graduation ceremony for several of their student’s last night when guest speaker
Theodore Chalk’s twin brother Alvin Chalk appeared.

Alvin Chalk is a member of the terrorist group known as Ascension. A group who’s belief is that the psionic population of the world should be ruling over the non-psions and mutants. Many Ascension members feel that the best, or only way to do this is to eliminate all non-psionic humans from the planet.

The Graduation ceremony was interrupted when Alvin Chalk and half a dozen armed men entered the facility, intent on giving a speech to try and persuade the youth to join him and his cause. However, in the middle of Chalk’s speech several unknown vigilantes burst into the party and with the help of officer Theodore Chalk took care of the aggressors. Several civilians were harmed, and all but one member of Ascension was killed in the combat.

The vigilantes, who’s identities will not be revealed at this time, have been taken to the Harvard Pionic Police Department for questioning as well as one Kantavon emergency VTAL pilot.


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