Mind Games

Snow Blind

Episode Three

Last we left our heroes they were going about their business in the city of Harvard, gathering supplies and getting themselves a decent meal before they were sent off on a government issued mission to retrieve proto-type device of Kantavon Corporation that had been stolen by Alvin Chalk.

Some of our heroes, Aeron Dover, decided to stay behind at the HPD to help train the young Astor Bryant in the use of firearms, and armors under the surveillance of Agent Holiday. Aeron’s flashy and show-boat style of teaching did little to help Astor learn to use the firearms properly, but a few quick tips from Agent Holiday was all the young genius needed to, quickly, pick up the skill.

Meanwhile, agents Renatoand Chalk traveled to the nearby Emerson Hospital to speak with the surviving member of the HIP incident. There they met the man, a mutant commonly referred to as a “Squatch” or Sasquatch, due to the noticeable increase in body hair, jutting forehead, elongated fingers and toes and increased size, named Damus Hawking. Damus, believing he would get less jail time, informed the agents of the location of the old, hidden, bunker, and what he knew about Alvin and the proto-type.

Our heroes, all set and ready, met at the local Kantavon Clinic and were introduced to their ally, Jerrey Morra, the piolet who would be taking them into the Rocky Mountains

Our heroes arrived late in the night and landed their VTAL on the outer rim of the circle that defined their search attempts and set off on foot. It was little over an hour when the group came across a pair of people, watching them from a higher cliff. Shortly after following these people the group came across one of the two entrances into the old bunker. Some simple problem solving later Astor discovered the pass-code to open the door was 3612. Inside our heroes met a small group of resistance, and after slaying most everyone in the room, stopped to gather information from one of the mutants – Reggie. Reggie informed our heroes that the bunker has five levels, 2 of which are unassailable due to collapse, and that the third layer holds several dozen unregistered families.

After some searching Agent Renato found a pocket secretary belonging to the now deceased “Big Brant” with a map and compass app, designating three points of interest; The Bunker, The Village, Gwen’s, The Lake and an un-named marker on the other side of the lake.


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