Aeron Dover


Born into a Welsh family and bred in the busy streets of London, Aeron Dover has had quite a past in his 23 years. His father, one William Dover, a tracker and merchant of sorts, was rarely home to raise the boy, leaving it up to his mother, Lyanna, to raise the child on her own. Williams job as a traveling merchant took him to far off places and allowed him, on his few visits home, to give his family rare gifts not often seen in federation territories. Aeron mostly just received toys and small trinkets as a child, but for his tenth birthday, his father bought him a sturdy pair of leather boots, inlaid with teal runes or script he could not decipher. His father told them they were special boots that would carry him far in his life, and Aeron believed every word.

As Aeron grew even more into adulthood, he saw his father less and less. By his 16th birthday, he had signed up as a cadet, hoping to travel, and fight for the Federation. Here, he learned the basics of combat, survival, basic tactics and training and well as firearms and hand to hand combat training. On his eighteenth birthday, Aeron signed up for his first mission into space. It was suppose to be a simple mission, Zero-G training for young troops and a chance to see beyond Earth’s sky….

It would be another 3 years before Aeron Dover was heard from again.

By now, the twenty one year old Aeron was a grown man. Reaching six feet, with broad shoulders and sporting a thin goatee and mustache, a deep brown, to match the mess of near shoulder length hair atop his head. He was tall and lithe, not overly muscular but fit, and his bodies muscles seemed toned well. Waking up in a hospital in London, Aeron was dazed and confused. He knew little of where he was or what had happened to him. He gazed about the cold white room and swiftly started to regain his senses. Placing both feet down on the cold floor, he stood up and realized he could not have been a coma, or if he had, not for long. His muscled reacted well, and showed no signs of deterioration. He thought, long and hard, and tried to remember what had happened to him, and why he now laid in a hospital bed. At that moment, a doctor, accompanied by a man in uniform enter the room. Aeron panicked. He realized he needed to get away, and fast. All of a sudden, Aeron blinked, and the next thing he new, he was in what appeared to be some sort of abandoned laboratory.

Aeron ducked under a table to hide, not understanding what was going on. Afraid, he hid. A low rumbling sound could be heard from beyond a doorway, but no lights were on in this room. He decided he’d have to take his chances eventually, and so he poked his head out from under the table, and saw a set of double doors, with only to small windows on them, and a faint light glowing on the other side. He crept up, and peeked through those windows. He saw nothing. No signs of life. Aeron slowly opened the door just a crack, and all he heard was the faint rumbling sound, although slightly louder than before. Aeron mustered his courage and stepped through the doorway in a form of office or study. A couple of desks along the walls, papers laid open in plain view. To his left he saw another set of doors, and a larger window into what appeared to be another lab, albeit, with more machines and tech than in the previous. He decided it would be best to avoid that room, and go right. Through an open doorway, Aeron saw only a strange tube, lined with what appeared to be some form of soft sheet. “A bed,” he assumed, with a top section lifted up above it, suspended from the ceiling. “Or a tomb.” he said to himself quietly. Immediately to his right was a book shelf, and a small round table with a strange device and a disc laid on top of it. The disc was labelled “Aeron Dover PLAN B.” Aeron, obviously intrigued, slowly walked over to the table. He noticed a doorway on the far side wall where the rumbling was coming from. Feeling more brave than before, he simply opened the door to see two gigantic generators. One seemed almost completely destroyed, while the second seemed in rough shape, but still functioning. Closing the door behind him, Aeron picked up the disc and looked for a way to insert it into the device. Once he figured the machine out a holographic image of himself appeared before him. This hologram looked very much like his current self, only armored, and wearing weapons he did not remember owning.

“I’m sure this all seems confusing for you right now. It’s confusing for me too… Well, I am you. Ha ha!” Declared the holographic doppelganger. “Trust me, all you need to know is written in those books on the shelves. You ought to know, you wrote them yourself.” As if following instructions, Aeron walked over and grabbed a thick leather book. He opened it and flipped through the pages. It seemed like a guide, or a journal, or some weird cross of both.

“Trust me dude, you’ll figure it out. Right now I’m sure you’re tired as hell. So grab a snooze in the pod and you’ll feel better. Trust me on this one. And when you wake up, start reading. Until then, you’re just lost out here man, with no way out.”

Aeron, slightly skeptical, slowly walked over to the “pod.” He wasn’t sure what to do, but he didn’t seem to have any choice. He gradually climbed into the “pod” and jumped a little when the top started closing.

“Don’t freak out! It’s normal. Remember what I said. Just read. It’s going to take us a long time to get back to normal, but once you do, everything will be right as rain.”

Again, not having much a choice, Aeron laid back and closed his eyes. He felt a warmth glow come over him, and suddenly all of his weariness came to him at once. As he started to drift off, he heard his voice from outside the “pod.”

“Oh yea I almost forgot! I hid the boots in behind a panel of the broken Genny. I knew you’d be wanting them back!”

~ Approximately two years later~

Aeron walked through the streets of London. His black and teal boots sounded heavy on the wet streets, his rain soaked black cloak clinging to him. He had returned to Earth about a year prior, full of confidence that didn’t seem fit for a man seemingly in his bad situation. No body really knew him, but he had established himself as quite a worthy treasure hunter over the last year or so since his return. A few odd jobs here and there, but he had a knack for finding things lost and knew things that others didn’t. He charmed woman, intimidated men and bribed any who stood up to his wit and wiles. Yes, Aeron Dover had return to Earth a changed man.

How? Now, a smart man would never give away that secret…

Collector of things
Life long journey of finding
Soul of a seeker
Take Back The Fear!

Aeron Dover

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