Alvin Chalk

Ascension Activist


Alvin Chalk is the oldest, by moments, of a set of twins. Born in the middle of The Blackout Alvin and his brother, Theodore, grew up without access to the internet, cell phones or many other communication devices like them. It wasn’t until their early teens when the boys started to develop psionic ability that either had a steady, readily available connection to the global community.

The boys psionic development happened several months after the mandatory Federation inspections, leaving the boys free to explore their new powers unsupervised. In fact, due to Alvin’s abilities the boys powers were unknown to even their parents. Alvins strong will and take charge attitude only expanded when he developed several Telepathic abilities – Barrier, Mind Reading and Mind Control. From that point on Alvin always got what he wanted, how and when he wanted it. That is until several suspicious parents in the area called in Federation officers to inspect the boys, which sent them to the Harvard Institute of Psionics within the week.

There Alvin learned about his abilities, and some of the movements in the world, such as the infamous Ascension. A group whose ideals he quickly became fascinated with. After Alvin graduated he tried to convince Theodore, and their friend Simon, to join Ascension with him, believing that it was their rightful place as psions to become the rulers of the world. An argument, and a fight broke out, breaking the trio up,

Years later Alvin had joined Ascension and become one of the groups leading members. Now a wanted criminal Alvin travels the world aiding in resistance groups for psions and mutants who are oppressed, used, or poorly treated outside the Federation. He organizes “liberation” of mutants or psions being locked away or in positions in the government being used as weapons. In his most recent appearance Alvin Chalk took credit for the murder of several high standing members of Humanity Against Mutation. Holding a trial for the three men before publicly executing them via lethal injection.

Alvin Chalk

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