Anastasia Kantavon

CEO of Kantavon Corperation


Anastasia is the only child of Julian Kantavon. She grew up under the scientific mind of her father, with no mother. As a result Anastasia has a hardened look on the world, viewing it critically and cynically. She finds it hard to take anything at face value, and is known to obsessively look for facts and details on anyone or thing that comes her way.

Extremely intelligent, perhaps more-so than her father, Anastasia was sent to the best schools the Federation could offer. It was only during her schooling, away from her over expecting father, that Anastasia began to loosen up. This is also where she met her husband, Richard McKinnon. The two of them studied advanced robotics engineering, and neural interface technologies, the field her father had made miraculous leaps in years before.

Anastasia is a very work focused person, and little can detracts or deter her from finding the answers she is constantly looking for. Responsibly tied to managing the company her father left her, Anastasia can’t be down in the labs showing off her field of expertise and looking for answers, so instead she focuses on the company, and finds her answers in the secrets of the rest of the world.


Shortly after she finished school Anastasia and her soon to be husband, Richard, went on a trip around the world. While taking a boat around the coast of Somalia Richard went overboard and after several days of searching Anastasia was forced to return home, as her father was dying as well.

Two weeks passed, and so did Julian, when Richard was returned home in a sickly thin and pale state. Several weeks after his return Kantavon bought up the entire country of Somalia, and started building laboratories, bases and factories. Many saw this as a terrible move and a waste of the companies resources, but within months of several of the facilities construction finished, Kantavon introduced to the world the first working, efficient and safe, fusion engine.

With the start of the fusion age the company quickly built back all of the money they had lost in construction, and quickly became another of the world Company Governments. Richard died several years after the release of the technology, leaving Anastasia a somewhat bitter woman.

Anastasia Kantavon

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