Christopher Renato


He’s that guy.


Mariabella and Sergio Renato were a young couple in Rome looking to start a family. Sergio was a dental surgeon and Mariabella a realtor; they both made more than enough to support just themselves. So, they decided to start a family, moving to a beautiful home in suburban Toronto.

Mariabella wanted her children to fit in with their Canadian peers with more “Western” sounding names, and named her first son Christopher. To compensate for broken Italian naming tradition, she named her daughter Maribelle, after herself.

The Renato family enjoyed a very privileged life; European vacations, private education, extracurricular activities, and personal tutors. Some would say they were spoiled, but both Chris and Maribelle became hard working and gifted individuals. Chris manifested his powers at the age of 15 and quickly developed them; Maribelle showed a high PPE but never manifested.

Upon completing their degrees at Harvard, Chris and Maribelle were told that their family’s fortune was no longer available to them. Unless there was an emergency, they needed to earn their own riches; they wouldn’t have spoiled and unemployed adults sucking their funds for another twenty years.

With a MA in Counselling Psychology and some social savvy, Chris was able to jump from summer camp counselor, to teacher’s aide at the Toronto Institute of Psionics, to student counselor at Boston’s Icarus Academy within seven years. Chris found himself moving from classrooms to private offices and dealing with students one-on-one; each case more complex or difficult than the last. His ability to relate to others and cheery disposition won him easy favor from the troubled youths who have trouble coming to terms with their psionic talents.

It was barely a year in before Chris was approached by four men in suits, offering him a new job.

  • Five days a week Chris trains to fill the position of a previous STRAP agent; Simon Ares. He is due for his first assignment very soon.
  • His position at Icarus Academy is only after hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for regular counseling and dealing with the kids who act out; on Tuesdays and Thursdays he drives to the Harvard Institute of Psionics for private sessions with the more troubled cases.
  • Chris’ psionic abilities are electro-kinesis and mind control. Some would cry foul on his abilities coupled with his profession, but the occasional psionic “suggestion” often keeps things under control. Most would rather be swayed to calm than tranquilized and locked down for dangerous behavior.
  • He is not physically-gifted, but Chris has always enjoyed a variety of athletic activities such as hiking, rock-climbing, sky-diving, hockey, and archery. His body is in a good state of health.
  • He lives with his sister Mirabelle in a FOE-sponsored apartment. Mirabelle is currently 4 months pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Matthew’s child. Chris looks forward to helping her raise the baby, whom she decided would be named Madison.
  • Background – Federation: This background suggests the hero was raised in or worked directly for the Federation of Earth. As a result the hero is given a small two bedroom apartment to live in at no costs, and the hero pays no expenses for medical treatment or transportation within Federation cities. However, they recieve a +1 step bonus on Personality skill checks with Independent citizens, and members of Ascension and pay 1.5x the cost on any good or service outside the Federation.

Christopher Renato

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