Dirk Whitecastle

Leader of Ascension


There’s a lot to say about Dirk Whitecastle, the offical leader of Ascension. The man was born in the United States to a low-income family who lived in a small, government issued home for many years. Dirk developed his telekinetic abilities at a surprisingly young age, and has spent years mastering his talent. Joining Ascension originally to escape Federation capture, Dirk quickly rose through the ranks as a figure head, and leader. Nearly thirty years ago Dirk split Ascension into two factions; Those who wanted to rule the world, and those who wanted to be left alone. Dirk siding with the former started leading attacks on the Federation itself all over the western hemisphere.

Ten years ago, before The Blackout Dirk was thought to have been killed but surfaced soon after as he and his followers started providing psionic enhancement drugs on the streets. Proven to boost psionic ability greatly for short periods of time. The drug, known as, Illuminati, was addictive, and when used too much caused people to hemorrhage and die at worst, or experience painful migraines and fatigue at best.

Using the drug money Dirk funded a small army of his own and still plans to take down the Federation of earth and appoint himself ruler.

Dirk Whitecastles telekinetic powers are beyond any other recorded humans and he is considered a walking weapon of mass destruction.


Dirk Whitecastle

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