Nowel Holiday

Student of T.I.P.


Age 13, born in Harvard, Massachusetts on December 24th
Strong willed, yearn to learn, my way or the highway, observent, high attention to detail.

Nowel Holiday is mature for her age, hard-working, highly observant, detailed and studious. Her role in the story is to come up with the plans, and make sure the other two characters remain focused on the important things. She tends to get caught up in details, and perfection. Nowel enters the school and is classified as an Adept – ESP, with a PPE of 3 and the ability Sensitivity Through her schooling Nowel develops the ability’s Remote Viewing, and Aura Viewing.

Nowel is a talented artist and often doodles when she is bored. Her attention to detail makes her painting and drawings exceptionally life-like.

Nowel was born on Christmas day to the Holiday family, who purposely planned for such a thing to happen using science and genetics to create the desired effect. Nowel holds a small amount of distaste towards her parents for setting up such a stupid thing and naming her as they did.

┬áNowel’s parents are normal humans, who work in the police force, her mother a patrol officer, and her father a desk man. Nowel was first found to have psionic ability at age six during a normal screening. Because he abilities did not manifest to be dangerous or harmful she was not required to attend one of the psionic institutes until she turned 13 where she would be sent to the Toronto’s Institute of Psionics.
Nowel grew up in a normal school with a normal life but always found it difficult to make friends because of her bossy ways, or getting frustrated at others because people couldn’t see the way she could. Nowels natural perceptiveness and awareness were amplified by her psionic manifestation, and as she grew older those skills were further honed by her interest in investigation and deduction.

Nowel Holiday

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