Richard Redfield

Student of T.I.P.


Age 14, born in Kingston, Ontario on March 21st.

Richard Redcliff is the superman. He’s strong, silent, and hard-working, with a strong sense of right and wrong. He’s good at everything he does, and as a result very popular. Once he sets his mind on something, he doesn’t stop, though his problem lies in getting started. Nowel is there to keep him focused on the problems they face, and to generally point him in the right direction. While Wayne is his best friend.

Richard’s strong will is almost as hard to move as he is physically. He is always trying to save everyone, and wants to make the world better for everyone. He just doesn’t know how to do that. Richard enters the school as an Adept - Biorhythm, with a PPE of 4, with the abilities Enhance and Heal. Over time he learns to use the abilities Rejuvenate, Phasing, Morph and Armor.


Richard was born and raised in the city of Kingston. Richard was born with a high PPE, but never developed his psionic abilities until puberty. Richards parents, Richard and Jessica Redfield both work in the Federation military. Jessica was raised on Luna 1, as the station had just recently been finished. She joined the Federation military out of high school to return to earth again and see the world, where she met her husband Richard on one of her tours.
Richard was raised strict, and disciplined. His parents put him into a number of extra curricular actives; swimming, baseball, hockey, karate, and rock climbing. As a result Richard grew up strong and healthy, and larger than most boys his age. Richard made lots of friends over the years, and was always busy doing something with them. Not only was Richard physically fit, but he proved mentally fit as well. Though his grades weren’t perfect, they were usually above average.
Before Richard was sent east, to the city of Toronto, to do his schooling, his abilities started to develop. Increasing his strength, speed, endurance and reflexes erratically. This cause the sport officials in his activities to re-evaluate his trophies and winning, claiming it was unfair to use his abilities. Richard lost a few friends, and many of his awards. Feeling like a cheater he was sent to school to start his training.

Richard Redfield

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