Simon Ares

Agent Ares, former STRAP Officer


- Deceased


Agent Simon Ares was a proud officer of STRAP for many years. Working with his partner and friend Theodore Chalk the two worked hard to protect the people. Simon made a good living as an agent where he lived in with his wife, Claire and his son, Simon Jr in Somerville.

Simon grew up in the independent nation of South Africa, but moved with his mother to the North Western Federation to the city of Boston. There he grew up witnessing first hand how dangerous the streets could be, and at a very young age decided to become a police officer.

It wasn’t until his mid teens that Simon developed his psionic abilities, where he was quickly sent off to the Harvard Institute of Psionics. Where he learned about his abilities – Biorythmic Armor and Healing, as well as ESP Pre and Post-cognition. It is also where he first met Theodore and Alvin Chalk.

Simon Ares

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