Theodore Chalk

Federation-Loyal Adept (Free Agent)


Theo 01
A willing and successful recipient of the Federation’s psionic training program, Theodore Chalk is an agent indoctrinated into Federation ideology, willing to put his life on the line for the citizenry and their ephemeral greater good. Recruited willingly at a young age after completion of his training in the Harvard Institute of Psionics, Theodore serves as an agent on-call from his apartment of modest means in Somerville to the northeast. He is intensely specialized, turning down more nuanced, diplomatic training from his handlers in exchange for a firm mastery of his nascent psionic talents for altering time, manipulating raw force and leveraging his own body as a weapon. He is perhaps too literal in his interpretation of orders, too formal when dealing with other agents and far too focused on the task at hand. Theo, better known as only “Agent Chalk”, offers a talented new tool to his handlers, one willing to fight bare-knuckle against rogue psionics and other threats to Federation safety with little thought for his own.

Of course, Chalk is not without his own concerns. He searches tirelessly for his brother, hearing only rumor and hearsay of his activities among the extra-legal group Ascension within or without the borders of the Federation. He knows it is a clear conflict of interests, but would like nothing better than to have a chance to best his exiled kin, Alvin’s betrayal still stinging after the passage of years.

Physically, Theodore Chalk is more imposing than his brother. He stands only a sliver under six feet, with black hair and a Mediterranean complexion. Unlike Alvin, who chose to forgo many physical activities, Theodore is physically well-trained and it shows. Between perhaps overlarge biceps and barely a scrap of wasted fat on his person, he has purposely fashioned himself into someone wholly different from his kin. He tends to favor his soft suit uniform along with lighter gray overcoats, and is rarely seen without a courier’s pack sitting in the small of his back.

Theodore Chalk

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