Wayne Morra

Student of T.I.P.


Age 13, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on July 3’d

Wayne Morra is a free spirited, go-with-the-flow guy. Everything seems to work out for him without effort, so hes pretty lucky, and because of it he can be pretty cocky. He tries to get Nowel to loosen up and look at the big picture more often. But unlike Nowel, hes very easily distracted. His dream is to fly, but doesn’t care for much outside that. He’s a slacker, and treats his mandatory schooling in Toronto as a vacation. Not at all athletic, organized or strong willed as his two friends, Morra, as he prefers to be called, spends his time playing games, listening to or making music, and hover-boarding.
Contrary to many beliefs, Morra is abnormally intelligent. His grades are equal to, if not a little lower than Nowels, and he often finds alternative ways to tutor Richard when Nowels attempts fail.
Morra enters the school as a Adept – Kinetic, with a PPE of 3 and the rare ability Areokinetics. Morra does not learn any other abilities.


Wayne’s life was a simple on. Born and raised in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Wayne spent most of his time playing with his friends or goofing off in school. One day the city was hit by a powerful hurricane. Wayne’s mother worked in the police, and while he was sent to a shelter to wait out the storm his mother was outside directing the panicked people. When the storm was finally over Wayne learned that his mother had not made it inside a shelter, and had been killed. Wayne’s father, who had been working outside the province at the time, returned home to raise his son. Wayne’s father was a strict, authoritative, man who forced Wayne to be the very best so that he could be better off than he was.
Eventually Wayne’s psionic abilities manifested as the rare ability to manipulate the air itself. Because Wayne was so tied down he had developed an over-whelming urge to be free and fly. The wind, and birds, had always been a fascinating thing to him, and his new powers, he thought, was a sign to break free.
However, it wasn’t long after this discovery that Wayne’s was pulled from his classes and sent to the nearest school for psionics; The Toronto Institute of Psionics. Wayne see’s this as his opportunity to really be free and do all the things he never could.

Wayne Morra

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