Ascension was formed shortly after the fist generation of mutated children started appearing in mass. Located initially along the western coast of north America, Ascension quickly spread to other parts of the world.

Originally an open group, setting up shelters for the cast out mutant population and holding protests to fight the fear and hatred often expressed toward the mutant community. Over time the group was forced to move underground, and set up secret stations in the sewers, slums and outskirts of cities and towns. As time progressed some of these stations grew into full fledged communities hidden away from the rest of the world. Eventually when the people known as psions started to emerge, the initial feeling was fear, this of course pushed these people to the edges of society, where Ascension was waiting with open arms to invite the powerful people into their family. The addition of psions into the organization cause a huge boost in morel and, of course, more fear from the common people.

Ascension is currently divided on its views of what the organization is all about. Some members of Ascension are radicals, fighting back violently against the people that fear and hate them for their differences. Many of these radicals even believe that they should force-ably remove the Un-Ascended humans, to make way for the new evolved species.
Other members are peaceful in their protests, holding rallies to raise awareness. These protests are often well received, but the actions of the radical members often drive people to even more suspicion or hatred.
Even still there are even more passive members, who simply want to be left alone, and are contempt in living away from “normal” people for the rest of their lives.

Ascension is often in open, violent, conflict with the organization Humanity Against Mutation, an anti-mutation group who believes all mutated people are a curse, and should be feared and destroyed. Ascension is seen as a minor threat, for the most part, by The Federation of Earth, however many times the Federation has been called in to stop riots or attacks made by members of this group. Membership is high in The Independents, where most, if not all psions and mutants are members. However, in the Federation, only a small part of the psionic community is a member of the group. Mutants, those who are drastically disfigured, make up the majority of federation born members.

Background – Outcast: This suggests that the hero grew up on the outskirts of society, hiding with the other members of their more-than-human brethren. As a result these heroes have grown accustomed to scavenging. Heroes receive a -1 step bonus to Street Smarts, Perception Awareness and Endurence checks due to their ability to gather information and stay hidden, find secrets or hidden things and survive sickness. As a result the hero lacks other skills, and gains a +1 step bonus to all Interaction skills when dealing with anyone outside of other Ascension members and lack of formal schooling leaves the hero with a +1 skill point cost for all Intelligence based skills.


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