Cybernetics are advanced technological augmentations made to the human body. These augmentations replace lost limbs or organs and allow direct interfacing with the new limb from the brain with the help of a nano-computer installed on the subjects brain.

The Basics

Cybernetic augmentation is the process in which robotics are installed into a body to replace organic tissue. The idea had been around for ages, but was impossible to perform without the aid of nano-computers. The victim of an accident, Julian Kantavon and Kantavon Corporation worked on bridging the gap between simple prosthetic to full fledged cybernetics. By installing a nano-computer, efficient enough to run off the very small bio-electrical energy of the body, onto the subjects brain they are made capable of controlling their mechanical parts simply by thought.

Progress Level

The Mind Games setting allows for the use of every progress level available in the Alternity system to be used, however, each progress level is only accessible to specific groups.
- Everyone has access to the equipment found in Progress Level 5 – The Information Age. These technologies have their Restriction Level reduced by one because they are outdated.
- Progress Level 6 – The Fusion Age is the primary level in the setting. This level of technology is assosiated with the upper and middle class inside The Federation of Earth while only those of the upper class Independents generally have Fusion Age technologies.
- Progress Level 7 – The Gravity Age is a level of technology available only to the Federation’s military, and comes in small numbers. All technology in this level is considered the highest restriction and must pay 1.5x the cost.
- Progress Level 8 – The Energy Age is extremely limited to Kantavon Corporation elite. This level of technology is so controlled and small that it is impossible to get outside of the company directly.

Cybernetic Psions and Mutants

Cybernetics do not generally work on psions or mutants. The neural interfacing programs required to control the equipment do not work very well with the evolved psionic brain. Mutation causes a problem with hardware for the most part, as the body violently rejects augmentation. However, cybernetics are not limited to pure humans only.
If a psion or mutant hero wishes to have cybernetics installed it is possible to do so. When purchasing cybernetics the psion or mutant must pay the Amazing Quality price (2x normal minimum) to have the equipment customized to their body and mind. The equipment itself, however, is limited to Ordinary Quality only. Psions and mutants can not install good or amazing quality cybernetics at any time.

4 Point Perk – Cybernetic Tolerance: This perk allows the hero to increase their cybernetic tolerance slots by 1 in each quality category. For example if a hero has 14 CON they have 7/4/3 slots. With this perk their cyber tolerance becomes 8/5/4.

6 Point Perk – Overdrive: This perk allows the hero to push their cybernetic equipment to its limits. The hero can activate this ability to double all modifiers their cybernetics give them for 1 round. For instance if a hero gains +1 Strength, -1 step to initiative and +1 Wound from their cybernetics, for the remainder of the round they would gain +2 Strength, -2 Step and +2 Wound. At the end of the round the hero suffers 1 fatigue point.

4 Point Flaw – Cybernetic Intolerance: This flaw represents the heroes bodies rejection to cybernetics, decreasing slots by 1 in each quality category. For example if a hero has 14 CON they have 7/4/3 slots. With this flaw their cyber tolerance becomes 6/3/2.

2/4 Point Flaw – Scrap Metal: This flaw suggests that one of the heroes cybernetic implants is either outdated or damaged and incapable of being repaired properly without replacing the part entirely. For 2 points on a critical failure the hero suffers 1 stun damage and the equipment shuts down for d4 phases.(up to one round) For 4 points the hero suffers d4 stun and the equipment shuts down for d6+ 1 phases.


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