- Kantavon Corporation
The leaders in cutting edge technology involving cybernetic augmentation, robotics and electronics.

- The Federation of Earth
The Federation resembles its predecessor the United Nations, however, were the UN tried to simply regulate world affairs, FOE enforces them with an iron fist.

- Ascension
This group is made up of the worlds oppressed psionic and mutated community. They fight back the unfair treatment of their kind to work for a balanced future.

- The Independents
This group makes up the minority of the world who has not submitted to the rule of the Federation.

- Humanity Against Mutation
HAM, as it is mockingly called, is an extremist group of anti-mutants and psions who hate and fear these people, believing that they should be destroyed before they destroy the normal people.

STRAP stands for Serious Threat Retrieval and Protection. This group acts as a special police force made to handle situation too hot for normal people to handle.

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