Serious Threat Retrieval and Protection, or STRAP, was formed several years before The Blackout. Primarily only working inside the FederationSTRAP acts as a special police force, similar to SWAT.

STRAP’s primary function is the apprehension and retrieval of dangerous psions and mutants, but they are also called into to deal with persons with powerful or dangerous cybernetic augmentations, or military grade weaponry that would otherwise be to dangerous for normal forces, or to costly to send in the military. Their secondary fuction is protection. STRAP officers are often assigned to SWAT or regular police forces to aid in the protection of the people, or sometimes high profile people as body guards.

Like any other special force only those fit both mentally and physically are selected from the regular police forces, or military, to join STRAP, generally only psions and humans are selected, however it is not uncommon to find mutants in the ranks. Many loyal Federation Mind Walkers join the force as their ideals and discipline are well suited for such a path.

STRAP personnel are considered to be on call at all times, but are only occasionally called to duty. Members work in teams of two or three whenever called to duty, and generally each psionic or mutated officer is paired with a human officer. Personnel generally take on a second job part time to fill time between calls and missions. Sometimes personnel are required to travel around the world, or team up with other STRAP members to deal with targets. STRAP officers are not assassins, and are not permitted to use lethal force at any time without a direct override from a superior officer.

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