The Federation of Earth

The Federation of Earth was formed in an effort to stop what could have been another World War. Essentially a revised version of the United Nations the Federation consisted of some of the largest, most powerful, nations of the world; United States, Japan, China, Russia, Great Britain and Canada were the first to join, with Canada appointed as The Regulator during the time when the Federation was forming. This placed Canada as a neutral party responsible for breaking ties, and regulating all other nations as well as keeping the peace.

The first and most important decision of The Federation was its idea to eliminate borders between nations. Though this decision took nearly a dozen years it was decided that the Federation of Earth would be under one banner. Soon most nations would join under the Blue Banner adding to the growing power of the super-nation. The Federation was, to many peoples surprise, rather efficient with dealing with many of the world’s problems. The second most important decision of the Federation was the elimination of The Federal Reserve, and the removal of all national debt. With all these nations working together under the same banner the removal of the debt happened much sooner than any thought.

While many of the nations of the world gave up their official title as an independent nation, many nations also stayed separate from the Federation. These Independents took pride in their separation, and even took steps in forcing other nations, sometimes at gun-point, into not joining the federation. These tactics quickly came to a stop when the Canadian Forces moved into territories to still the threat of violence.

As The Federation moved out of its early stages, an extremely important milestone in human history would mark its shift into a mature super-nation; Fusion. With the combined efforts and money of the Federation the world eventually came out of the Information Age and stepped into the endlessly, clean running age of Fusion. Though this new found technology did not come with a few setbacks, and losses, the end results were more than anyone could have hoped for. At first Fusion technologies, created by Kantavon Corporation, were limited to Federation military and the extremely wealthy, though in time, Fusion became a fuel source for everyone.

By the end of the 22nd century almost %70 of the earth was united, and running on renewable, clean and affordable power. Thanks to that, man-kind had left their home world and settled on its moon, creating the colony Luna 1, and was making efforts to colonize its twin, Mars.

Luna 1: Luna 1 is the name of the city built by the Federation on the surface of the moon. Originally the facility was small, and focused on scientific research and space exploration. Over time more and more people traveled to the moon and settled. Luna 1 has several orbiting satellites used to help it look into the darkness of space, and several platforms designed for defense and launching of spacecraft. One such satellite, Apollo, is the primary location of space faring civilians. Apollo is a long spinning cylinder that orbits earths moon and Luna 1. Although it is the first of its kind several other space stations are being built around earths orbit to hold the earths growing population. Luna 1 is currently focusing its efforts on the construction of another base on the surface of Mars.

Background – Federation: This background suggests the hero was raised in or worked directly for the Federation of Earth. As a result the hero is given a small two bedroom apartment to live in at no costs, and the hero pays no expenses for medical treatment or transportation within Federation cities. However, they recieve a +1 step bonus on Personality skill checks with Independent citizens, and members of Ascension and pay 1.5x the cost on any good or service outside the Federation.

Background – Lunar: This perk represents a hero who was raised on the orbital space station Apollo, or on the lunar city, Luna 1. The hero gains a -1 Step bonus to Zero-Gravity, Space and Air Vehicle Operation and Daredevil checks. Lunars maximum Dexterity is also increased to 15, and their strength minimum-maximum is changed to 3-13 and they receive a +1 step bonus to Endurance skill checks.

The Federation of Earth

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