Biokinetic Perks

4 point perk/ Bio-Blade: The Bio-weapon changes into a blade made of pure Psionic energy. This costs an additional 2 pp to activate and 2pp/action. The blade deals d6+1w/d6+3w/d10+2w and bypasses armour and other in-organic materials. The blade acts normally when placed against other energy based shields or armor, such as Kinetic Shield or an Ablative Harness.

3 point perk/ Heal Other: This talent allows the Psion to use his Heal Ability on another target he comes in contact with.

3 point perk/ Rejuvenate Other: This talent lets the Psion use his Rejuvenate ability on another person he comes in contact with.

3 point perk/ Rage: The Psion must have at lest 6 ranks in Enhance to take this perk. This Talent sends the Biokinetic into a rage state, enhancing there Constitution and Strength by there respective modifiers for one round. It also lets them add there Strength to damage in place of the Mod and gives them DR of 5/2/+2. There speed is also doubled and they gain 4 actions per round and do not take penalties for Forced Actions. When this mode is deactivated the Psion takes 2 Fatigue. The round following the Rage must be used as a cool down time, where the Psion can not take any action other than movement, as well as suffering a +2 to their next initiative.

4 point perk/ Ana-morph: With this ability the Psion can Morph into an animal of their choosing up to one size modifier greater or less then themselves, this includes alien animals.

4 point perk/ Xeno-Morph: Must have 8 ranks in Morph to take this perk. With this perk the Psion can change into an alien sentient life form, and gain the races bonus abilities and racial min-maxes such as the Warens Camouflage and Bonus Durability. Creatures such as the Mechalus cannot be changed into due to their hybrid mechanical nature.

4 point/ Chimera-Form: This perk allows the Psion who possesses both Ana-Morph and Xeno-Morph to mix and match parts. For instance the Psion can choose to take the T’sa’s natural scale-armor, the Waren’s durability and the Shesyans wings to create a totally new form.


Biokinetic Perks

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