Skill Cost-7-Biorhythm– Constitution
Biorythem is the ability to manipulate one’s own body through force of will – Manipulating, moving or adding cells or changing DNA. It allows a person to become super strong, quick, tough, heal wounds and even walk through walls.

Skill Cost-3-Heal: This is the ability to heal the physical wounds on the Psion’s body. Sealing cuts, making bruises disappear and even regenerating lost limbs and organs.
Rank 1: At this level the Psion has little control over his/her ability. When Healing, the Psion makes a Heal Check, costing them 4/3/2 psi-points to regenerate 2 Stun, 2 Fatigue, or 1 Wound. At this level, when a Psion takes damage of any kind, the ability is activated automatically.
Rank 5: At this level the Psion has more control over their body and is capable of choosing to not regenerate wounds automatically. Healing costs 3/2/1 psi-points, and heals either d4 stun or 1 fatigue on an ordinary, d4+1 stun and d4 wound or d4 fatigue on a good, and 1 mortal and d62 stun or d6+2 wound and all stun damage or all stun damage and all fatigue.
Rank 12: At this level the Psion’s regenerative abilities are nearly god-like. The Psion now heals a number of points of damage depending on their rank in Heal. By making a check and spending the psi-points the Psion can heal their ranks in Heal for Stun damage, or 1 half rounded up in Wound, or 1 third rounded up in Mortal or Fatigue.

Skill Cost-3–Rejuvenate: This Psionic ability allows the Psion to regain lost psi or fatigue points. The Psion makes a Rejuvenate check and spends a single psi-point they then re-gain 1 psi-point back per action spent meditating. The Psion cannot perform any other action while doing this.
Rank 5: When the Psion reaches this level they have learned to focus their abilities more efficiently. The Psion can now gain 2 psi-points back per action spent meditating. The Psion can also choose to instead recover Fatigue points at this level. Each action spent meditating recovers 1 lost Fatigue point.
Rank 10: The Psion has become so skilled at recovering psionic power through meditation that they are capable of recovering psi-points even while moving. The Psion can perform other actions such as moving or speaking with a +1 penalty to their Rejuvenate.

Skill Cost-3-Enhance: This ability allows the Psion to boost their stats to make themselves stronger, tougher, or more agile. This is done by rewriting the genetic code, and rearranging muscle.
Rank 1: At this level the Psion has little to no control over the ability. This causes them to rearrange their stats for short periods of time based on need. Spending 4/3/2/1 Psi-Points for 1 phase/2 phases/ 2 rounds. The Psion gains a number of bonus points to temporarily add to their Strength, Dexterity or Constitution equal to their Con Res Mod 2
• +_Rank 5:_
At this level the Psion has gained control over their power, and the ability no longer goes off automatically. The Psion now gains a number of stat bonuses to add temporarily equal to their ranks in Enhance. The duration is now , 1 phase/ 1 round / 3 rounds
Rank 10: The Psion has become quite skilled at this ability, and can now divide their temporarily skill points between any of the three stats. The Psion also gets to activate one of the following by making an Enhance Skill Check and spending the appropriate psi-points. The effects last one scene.
o The Fire: This ability gives the Psion their STR Res Mod as a multiple to the damage dealt when dealing with inanimate objects, like doors, tables or cars.
o The Water: This ability allows the Psion to move like water, giving them 2x their DEX and STR Res Mod when dealing with dodging.
o The Stone: This ability makes the Psion into The Immovable Object, giving them a 1.5x Health Bonus as well as shrugging off half of the stun damage they take.
o The Wind: This makes the Psion run like the wind, giving them a 2x bonus to movement speed, as well as a -1 die to action check score.

Skill Cost-4-Armor: This ability allows the Psion to turn their skin into thick hide, chitin, or scales by compacting muscle and skin.
Rank 1: At this level the Psion has little to no control over their ability. This causes the ability to activate automatically when the Psion is about to take damage. Before damage is applied the Psion spends psi-points and gains d4/d4-1/d4-1 Armor soak and their skin is changed into a hide, chitin, scale or plate in a small area around the wounded spot. This effect lasts until the Psion makes another Armor check to change back, at a cost of 3/2/1 psi-points.
Rank 5: At this level the Psion has gained some control over their ability, no longer activating the ability automatically if they choose. The Psion’s Armor toughens some, giving them a d6+1/d4+1/d4 soak.
Rank 12: The Psion’s Armor thickens again; giving them a 2d4/2d4/2d4 Soak, the Psion can now activate this ability for as long as they wish, changing back costs no psi-points.
Rank 15: The Psion’s Armor is now considered Good Quality, and they have the option of spending additional psi-points to boost the power of their Armor. For every psi-point the resistance goes up by +1 for the remainder of the phase.

Skill Cost-4-Morph: Morph allows the Psion to change his/her outside appearance by creating additional cells, or stretching already present ones. With higher training the Psion can even add appendages to his/her body or extend/stretch his/herself out
Rank 1: The Psion can change his/her face, hair and eyes to match a person they have come into physical contact with within the last 24 hours of the same gender The Psion morphs his/her hands into a claw like state dealing d4 -1w/d4w/d4+2w damage. This lasts until the Psion makes another Morph check to change back to their original form.
Rank 4: The Psion can now change their physical appearance to match someone of the opposite gender they can come into contact with. The Psion must have touched skin to skin; They are also capable of mimicking the targets voice.
Rank 8: The Psion can now change into someone of the opposite sex and into anyone of the same gender just by seeing them. When morphing into another person, the Psion is able to rearrange his/her stat pool according to their races min-max’s. The Psion can now also turn their limbs into any melee weapon of simple design. (Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons Primitive) The Bio-weapon is made of flesh, bone, and muscle. The weapon can be detached if the Psion wishes. The Psion is also capable of growing an extra limb, or creating a secondary natural attack, such as claws, fangs or quills.
Rank 12: The Psions Morphing ability has become so skilful that they are capable of creating new limbs or extending or shrinking them. The Psion can choose to grow another set of arms, or a tail, change their hair into sharp quills, grow wings, claws, fangs or anything else they can think up with the GM’s permission. While the Psion is able to grow scales, those scales do not provide any benefit, like-wise extra eyes or limbs do not provide any mechanical bonus, or allow the Psion extra attacks or actions. If the Psion grows wings they must have ranks in Fly to fly, otherwise the wings prove useless.

Skill Cost-3-Phase Walk: With this ability the Psion can partially separate there atoms giving them the ability to phase through solid objects of the material world. The Psion makes a Phase Walking check every phase to stay ethereal and can only move at their walk speed. The Psion will fall through materials like a floor unless they spend an additional 2 psi-points, the Psion does not need to spend additional points to stop themselves from falling through the ground.
Rank 5: At this level the Psion has learned to Phase Walk almost naturally, and is able to move at their run speed and can perform another action with a + 2 penalty while Phase Walking. This action does not count as a forced action. The Psion no longer needs to worry about needing to spend extra psi-points to not fall through the floor.
Rank 8: This level of skill lets the Psion phase in and out quickly, allowing them to avoid damage and still affect the world around them at the same time. (Such as having a knife phase through the Psion while he punches the attacker in the face.) This allows the Psion to become corporal or incorporeal as a half-action instead of a full action, reducing the penalty to taking another action to a + 0.
Rank 10: At this level the Psion can take another person in hand and make them incorporeal. The Psion can affect a number of people equal to their Con Res Mod. The Psion is also capable at moving at their sprint speed while Phase Walking alone, at their run with one other person, or at a walk speed with more than one person.



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