Extra Sensory Perception Perks

5 point perk/Ghostly Touch: Must have at lest 8 ranks in Remote Viewing to take this perk. This talent lets the Psion in RV attempt to do an action as if they were in there body normally. This requires a Mental Resolve check, followed by a Physical Resolve Check. If both are successful then the Psion can perform one action while still in RV that affects the physical world.

6 point perk/ Possession: With this the Psion can use their Remote viewing ability to enter another person’s body and take control. It costs 3/2/1 Psi point per round to stay in control, once you run out of Psi you return to your body. The target can also make a mental resolve check, on a good the Psion is kicked out of the body.

8 point perk/ Walk the Line: When the Psion takes this perk they create an Aura Beast of their own that has 50 attribute points, 7 Mutation Points and 4 Mutation Drawback points. Aura Beasts are considered to have no Profession and are the same level as their Host for determining extra skill points. Each Aura Beast has 2 ranks in Sensitivity and 4 ranks in Mind Drain for free.
With this talent a Psion with at least 10 Ranks in Aura Viewing can enter the Ather with a successful Aura Viewing skill check that costs twice as many psi-points. In the Ether every 1 meter = 10 meters traveled in the real world.

4 point perk/ Imprint: This talent allows the Psion to permanently copy a Psionic ability they have mimicked. This Permanently Mimicked ability counts as having ranks equal to those in Mimic at the time. The Psion first takes this perk and later designates when they want to use it. This perk can be taken multiple times but each time it pertains to a new ability or to override an old one.

3 point Perk/ Copy Cat: This perk allows the Psion to Mimic up to 2 Psionic abilities at the same time.


Extra Sensory Perception Perks

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