Extrasensory Perception

Skill Cost-6-Extrasensory Perception-Will
ESP, or Extrasensory Perception, is the ability to expand the senses of a person. Any one of the abilities in this section are sometimes referred to as a 6th sense. These extra senses allow the psion to see the world differently. ESP is the second most common form of psionic ability found in humans.

Skill Cost-2-Remote Viewing: This ability allows the Psion to project their senses to other locations to see, hear, smell, and feel things as if they were there in person. It is impossible to see a Projection without the use of Aura Viewing, Sensitivity or cameras. (Still image or video, the projection appears broken and ghostly) Every round the Psion wishes to remain projected they must make a new Remote Viewing check. If the body is destroyed while projecting, the projection becomes trapped.

Rank 1: The Psion is unable to control their power. Unlike other abilities that activate during times of stress, this ability activates during times of relaxation or sleep. The Psion will randomly have “out-of-body” experiences. The Psion’s “soul” leaves the body and moves around freely, capable of passing through walls. The Psion can only hear, and see things in this state; however the senses are blurry and muffled. While the Psion is Projecting the body is in a state of rest, or sleep. Perception checks are made with a + 2 penalty, and the Psion is unable to manipulate the physical world in any way. Returning to the body is a free action. The Projection can move anywhere within a 20 meter radius from the body, passing this barrier causes the Projection to snap back and awaken the Psion.
Rank 4: The Psion has learned to control the power of their projections, capable of moving from their body a total of 50 meters x Ranks in radius. Images and Sounds can become clear if the Psion makes a Perception check with a 1 penalty.
• +_Rank 8:_
The Psion gains the ability to project themselves anywhere they have been physically, or to any person that they know very well. (Good friends, long study of a personal file, extensive viewing of footage.) The Projection however, cannot move around freely, and is limited to turning on the spot and looking around. In this state the Psion’s projection has real world hearing and sight, a successful Remote Viewing check that costs 1 psi-point can be done to give the Psion a -1/-2/-3 to a Perception check to clarify or magnify their location.
Rank 12: The Psion’s Projection is now capable of being projected to any location or person that the Psion has seen and is capable of moving from its projected location up to 10 meters x Ranks.

Skill Cost-3-Sensitivity: This is the Psion’s ability to detect things. It is similar to Aura Viewing, however not as precise but has nearly no range limit. This ability is much like a compass.
Rank 1: At this level the Psion has no control over the ability, and in times of stress or need the ability will activate automatically. When activated the Psion acts as a type of compass, instinctively knowing the direction of whatever it is that they are looking to find.
Rank 4: The Psion has learned to control their ability and can make more accurate checks. The Psion gains a -1 step bonus to any Sensitivity check, as well as any Intuition check.
Rank 8: The Psion has become so in tune with their surroundings that they have gained a 360 degree awareness to anything around them. The Psion has a radius of “sight” equal to their Ranks in Sensitivity in meters. The Psion becomes completely aware of everyone and everything within this bubble. This gives the Psion a -1 step bonus to STR and DEX Res Mods when dealing with dodging, as well as a -1 step bonus to initiative checks.
Rank 12: The Psion has nearly mastered their other sense, gaining an additional + 1/+ 2/+ 3 Step bonus to STR and DEX Res Mods, and another -1 Initiative. They can also make Intuition checks to give their next Sensitivity check a -1/-2/-3 step bonus.

Skill Cost-4-Aura Viewing: This ability gives the Psion a second type of vision, allowing them to see the world differently. When using Aura Viewing, the Psion’s world is overlapped in colours. All non-living things appear as a dull grey color, while living things appear as bright auras. Each aura is different, depending on the personality of the person, animal or plant.
Rank 1: At this level the Psion cannot control their ability, and in times of stress, or times the Psion is desperately searching for something, the ability activates. The world becomes dull and grey, sounds become muffled but people light up brightly in their own aura, or anima. It’s nearly impossible to tell what the colours mean, or if they mean anything at all. Objects the Psion is searching for will light up in a bright white light, this light can be seen wherever the Psion is, even through walls. If the object is out of normal sight range (If the Psion was standing on generally flat surface without walls) then the object does not light up.
Rank 4: At this level the Psion has learned to control and focus their power. In addition to the effects above the Psion has a better understanding of the color of the auras, this allows the Psion to know the target’s Attributes. This gives the Psion a -1 step bonus when dealing with people. The Psion can also make broad questions involved with searching for something, such as “Enemies” “Friends” “My Target” or “Evil” this makes everything else go grey, and lights up the targeted group for the Psion to see. The range of this ability is equal to the Psion’s ranks in Aura Viewing + Will x 2 meters. If the object you are looking for is out of this the Psion is notified but not given a direction.
Rank 8: At this level the Psion’s ability has become quite accurate. Allowing the Psion to target multiple groups of people in his/her search, as well as target something more specifically; “My Car Keys” “The Weak Spot” “The quickest path from A to B” With this the target lights up in a bright white light. When targeting an enemy weak spot (Such as a structural weak spot, or a previously broken bone) the Psion gains a -1 step bonus to attack, and additional + 1d4 + 2s/d4w/1m damage, depending on the type of damage already being done. Aura Viewing is not limited to these choices, however. The Psion is also capable of seeing through any level of the electromagnetic spectrum, capable of seeing invisible objects in stealth, or even radio waves, if that is the subject of their search. The radius of effect is increased to Ranks x Will x 2
12 Ranks: The Psion has become a master of their skill and has increased their radius of sight. It is now equal to the Psion’s ranks in Aura Viewing x Will x 10 meters.

Skill Cost-3-Pre-cognition/Post-cognition: This ability represents the Psion’s ability to see into the future, and into the past. Note – The Future is not set in stone, the Psion may see multiple futures but will mostly clearly see the most probable outcome. It is up to the GM to determine if that future was shown based on knowledge the Psion gained from using Precognition or not.
1 Rank: At this level the Psion has little control over their ability. In times of rest, or stress the ability will activate forcing the Psion to see a number of years into the future, or the past. What is seen is described by the GM.
4 Ranks: The Psion has gained control over their ability now, and can see into the future a short distance. This distance is determined by the GM, but should generally be no more than a few days or weeks. The Psion takes a full action to see into the future or the past. When looking into the future or past of an object or person, the Psion must be in contact with said object. The Psion must have a specific person, place or thing in mind for the use of this ability. Looking into the past requires the Psion to come into contact with the material they are viewing. Unlike Pre-Cognition, post-cognition has no time range. The Psion makes a post-cognition check and on an Ordinary result simple emotions are revealed. On a Good result emotions and flashed images and sounds are revealed. On an Amazing result emotion, images, sounds and even thoughts are revealed.
8 Ranks: The Psion has gained more control over their ability and is now able to see more clearly and further distances. The Psion now makes all Pre/Post-cognition checks with a -1 step bonus and the distance they can view is doubled. (This is still determined by the GM, but should generally be no more than a few months.)
12 Ranks: At this level the Psion has learned to use his visions in a more combat orientated way. The check becomes a half-action, allowing the Psion to make other checks, such as attacks, at the same time. The Psion can also use their pre-cognition to see the near future more clearly, giving them a -1/-2/-3 step bonus to STR/DEX Res Mod for dodging, as well as the same bonuses for attacks for the remainder of the round and a -2 step to initiative. The Psion can also learn from the past and future; looking back or forwards on an event can give the Psion a -1/-2/-3 step bonus on any skill check.
(For example: The Psion can look into the past of another person, in this case a soldier. Looking back on the soldiers training he too can learn how to properly use a rifle. For the next round the Psion gains bonuses to Ranged Weapons – Modern.)
15 Ranks: At this level the Psion has mastered their ability to see along the time stream. This allows the Psion to “re-write” a scene. This allows the Psion to make Pre-cognition checks to increase the outcome of an action, similar to the effect of spending Last Resort Points. The Psion makes a check, and increases, or reduces the effect by 1/2/3/4. This can also be done when making attacks.
(Example: The Psion gets shot with an amazing success. Making a check he gets a good. Reducing his opponents attack by 2 successes to an ordinary. If the Psion made an amazing check it would reduce the effect to nothing, causing the shot to miss)

Skill Cost-4-Mimic: This is the Psionic ability to read and empathetically connect to another person and even copy their Psionic powers.
1 Rank: At this level the Psion has little control over their ability. At times the Psion may “mimic” another person they have come into contact with in both personality and mannerisms for several hours, or until another person points out the change to the Psion.
4 Ranks: The Psion has learned to control their power, and can now choose to stop the urges to become more like another. This gives the Psion a -1/2/-3 bonus when dealing with the person they are mimicking with personality based skill checks. The psion has also learned to copy other psions psionic abilities. The mimiced ability is used at a skill check of 1/2 the psions ranks in mimic, but ability rank bonuses are treated as equal to the psions ranks in mimic. (IE, the psion makes skill checks at half their ranks in Mimic, but any bonuses they might get with that copied skill are treated as if having equal ranks in Mimic) The mimiced ability lasts until the end of the scene.
8 Ranks: At this level the Psion has learned to copy another Psion’s power more efficently. The Psion makes a Mimic check targeting another Psion. The Psion using Mimic then gets to copy one psionic skill at a number of ranks equal to their own ranks in Mimic.
15 Ranks: At this level the Psion has learned to copy another power of a Psion for the most power. The Psion using Mimic can choose to copy the ability for either their Ranks in Mimic, or the other Psion’s ranks in the chosen skill, whichever is higher. The Psion is also able to hold onto a second psionic skill.


Extrasensory Perception

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