General Perks and Flaws

2 point perk/ Amplify: This talent adds +1 rank to any Psionic Ability. It signifies a natural ability or proficiency with said ability. If that ability happens to be outside the psion’s Broad Skill, they can put up to 5 additional ranks into that ability without having to purchase the broad skill.

4 point perk/ Insect Walk: This talent allows the psion to put psionic energy into their hands and feet to allow them to climb any surface or even walk on water. The psion spends 1psi point a round, placing the energy in his hands and feet, giving them a -4 on climb checks, even when they are on smooth surfaces or upside down. For 2 psi points a round the psion places the energy in their feet to let them walk on water at there walk speed, running requires successful balance check.

4 point perk/ Psi-Weapon: With this perk the psion can imbue an object on their person with pure psionic energy. For every 1 psi-point spent the item deals + 1 damage on contact. With 10+ psi-points spent the item becomes an Energy based weapon in addition to its other effects. When determining soak, the opponent rolls both soaks and takes the lowest.

4 point perk/Imbue Armor: With this perk the psion knows how to lay psionic energy over their body like the Kinetic Shield ability. This gives the psion +1 soak per point spent. The increase in soak lasts for d4 phases.

5 point perk/ Psi Ball: This Talent lets the psion create a small orb of pure psionic energy in the palm of their hand, despite its small size it can do serious damage. The orb is created with 4 psi-points and deals d4+2w/d6+2w/d8+2w energy damage. The Psi Ball is treated as a grenade-like weapon of good quality.

6 point perk/ Powerful Mind: With this the psion shows great willpower when dealing with their psionic abilities. For every 2 psi points spent you may add a -1 step to your next psionic ability check.

5 point perk/ Greater Psi-Pool: With this the Psion shows great ability in general Psionics, gaining an addition +1 psi-point per level.

2/3/4 point perk/ Subtle: This perk allows the psion to use there abilities with great finesse, granting them the ability to hide there psionics from others at greater ease. This perk gives the psion a 1/2/+3 to anyone using Psi-detecting abilities or devices, such as the Mutation or ESP ability- Sensitivity, or Aura Viewing. As well as on Perception and Intuition based checks that would point psionic activity to the psion.

6 point perk/ Regeneration: With this perk the psion is capable of regenerating Psi-points naturally over time. At the end of a scene the psion can make a Mental Resolve check. The result of the check allows the psion to regenerate 5/7/12 psi-points. On a Critical Failure the psion loses 3 Psi-Points, on a Failure the psion gains 1 psi-point.

5 point Flaw/ Unstable: This indicates that the psion is unstable with their abilities, and will more often fail at activating the ability.
The Psion adds -1 to their Critical Failure roll
(20 = 19-20)
The ability stacks and can be taken multiple times.

2-5 point Flaw/ Double Edged Sword: This flaw represents both a positive and negative to the psions abilities. Similar to Gestures, the psions abilities do not work unless conditions have been met. For 2 points the psion gains +1 rank in a chosen psionic skill of their choice. In exchange that ability has consequences – These are to be discussed with the GM, but can range from the psion taking damage when they use their ability, going blind for a short time, seeing things, falling unconscious or the ability only activates a percentage of the time. Depending on the severity of the drawback this flaw gives more skill points, to a maximum of 5.

6 point Flaw/ Dry Psi: This flaw establishes the fact that the character has been gifted with Psionic energy, but has been cursed with a week Psi-pool from which to use the abilities. The character starts of with zero psi points. The character can in place of needed psi points use fatigue or stun. They do however gain the additional psi at each level.

2-5 point Flaw/ Limited Psi: With this the Psion shows limited use on a Psionic ability, such as Telekinetics, which limits its effectiveness. The character chooses a Psionic skill and chooses what the ability is reduced to; Telekinetics can only be used on people, or Mind Control only works on animals. This is to be discussed with the GM.

5 point Flaw/ Weak Psi: This flaw represents a reduced psi-pool. As a result the Psion does not gain the standard +1 Psi point per level.

5 point Flaw/ Wild talent: This flaw presents itself as a lack of control in Psionic abilities. When ever the Psion becomes stunned, passes out or fails a Resolve chec,k the Psions highest ranked skill is activated for d6+1 phases. A successful mental resolve check can reduce the assault by 1/2/3 phases to a minimum of 1.

4 point Flaw/ Unregistered Psion: The flaw represents a psion who either lives outside The Federation of Earth or one who is on the run from their authorities. Unregistered psions can not be tracked, but when a person notices that the psion is not registered they will act with hostility. When dealing with people who believe the psion should be registered the psion receives a + 3 to all interaction with the individual, this also slides people who know of the psions status one slot towards hostile on the Attitude Encounter chart.

2/4/6 point Flaw/ Psionic Addiction: This flaw represents the fact that the Psion has an addiction to Psionic energy. To satisfy their addiction they need to spend so many Psi-points to keep themselves going. For 2 points the Psion needs to spend 1 psi point every 3 hours. 4 points the Psion needs to spend 2 Psi points an hour, and 6 points means the Psion must spend 3 psi-points an hour.

2/4 point Flaw/ Gestures: Either consciously or sub- consciously the Psion believes that their Psionics are a type of magic and special hand gestures or movements are required to pull of the abilities. This can be anything from simple hand signs, incantations or dance, but the gestures must be performed properly to use an ability. For 2 points this flaw gives the user a +2 on being spotted either physically with a perception or intuition check or with a sensitivity ability, device or mutation. For 4 points it dose the previous as well as taking one action to perform the proper gestures to perform a Psionic ability.


General Perks and Flaws

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