Psionic Professions

These are the house-ruled extra classes available to players who want to play psionic characters. All psions start with a Psi-Pool equal to their Intelligence + Will / 2.

Mind Walker : The Mind Walker is the master of the mind, having focused all their willpower into perfecting their psionic abilities.
Mind Walkers replace their racial starting Broadskills for the Psionic ones. They also get a -1 to purchasing Psionic skills, and get a -1 Step bonus to any one Broadskill of their choice. Mind Walkers also get +1 Psi Point per level.

Psi-Knight: The Psi-Knight is a person who has decided to split their attention evenly between their mental powers, and their physical prowess, seeking to find a balance between the two.
Psi-Knights get the broadskill associated with their highest stat for free (Con = Biorhythm, Will – ESP) They also get a -1 die to a single skill in that broadskill as well as a -1 Die to a broadskill under Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution. They also choose one ability in which all skills associated with that ability have a -1 skill point cost. The Psi-Knight considers all skills inside their chosen broadskills to be trained skills and therefore may use them even with no ranks.

Adept: The Adept is an individual who has a low Potential Psionic Energy level, or PPE. A human has a PPE of 1, while an Adept has a PPE of 3. Their talent has been awakened, but is limited somewhat.
An Adept gets access to any 1 psionic ability, and may later purchases up to 2 other psionic skills within their previously selected broadskill. IE, if the Psion has taken Telekinetics, they may later spend skill points to buy other skills inside the Kinetic broadskill. The player gets 1 free rank in the chosen ability, and the chosen abilities cost -1 skill point. The Adept’s psionic ability usually manifests as a desired or needed skill that is used to compensate for a lack of natural talent; a physically weak child manifesting Enhance, or a socially awkward person gaining Mind Reading for example.

The Adept is also able to take on a secondary class, like the Diplomat, but is restricted to taking a normal profession (You cannot be an Adept/Mind Walker for instance) you do not gain that professions abilities, but instead gain its skill point reduction.


Psionic Professions

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