Psionics - The Basics

During the late 21st century some humans started to develop powers known as Psionics. These “Psychics” were at first few and far between and were usually dismissed as hoaxes. However, it was soon discovered through some information leaks that The Federation, in its infantile stages, had been taking children that they deemed had a “High PPE” level. PPE, or Potential Psionic Energy, was a means of determining which children were born with, or would later develop psychic powers. The Federation’s tests proved the existence of these strange powered beings; however the tests conducted were not always favorable. Many children, under the age of ten usually, died during the tests. Families who had their children kidnapped found out about it and demanded someone pay. Pushing the majority of the blame to a group working outside the Federations interests the Federation swore that it would put a stop to and keep these special people safe.

It wasn’t until after the Conch Incident that these psionic individuals started showing up more frequently. It was speculated that the same radiation that was left in the atmosphere was causing an increased number of mutations, some of which resulted in the birth of a child with a high PPE.

Potential psionic Energy is measured by how many psionic skills are evident in a person. Every human is said to have a PPE of One, and that for every psionic ability a person has access to moves them up on the scale.

1. The Individual has a very low potential of psionic manifestation
2. The individual has a low potential psionic energy level; the individual may be sensitive to psionic activity, capable of sensing it in some manner. Offspring are likely to be the same, or have a higher PPE.
3. The Individual is capable of one psionic ability.
4. The Psion has access to several skills in any one designated group. Groups include Biokinetics, Kinesis, Extra-Sensory Perception, Telepathy and Psycoportation.
5. The Psion has access to two psionic groups.
6. The Psion has access to three groups.
7. The Psion has access to four groups.
8. The Psion has access to five groups.
9. The Psion has access to all five known groups and is proficiently trained in their use.

Psions either manifest their abilities shortly after birth, or more often during puberty. Every child, as part of standard tests, now gets tested for Psionic energy, once at birth, once during puberty, usually age 12 and once they turn 20. If Psionic energy is detected the child is sent to one of several special schools where they live for one year. At this school the children are taught about their abilities, at the end of the year they are given a Psionic Registration, which comes in the form of an ID card, as well as an ID chip (Usually placed in the hand) or an ID Tag (A Tattoo on the back of the neck, or middle of the chest) that is used to monitor the Psions position and vitals at all times as well as to distinguish them from the normal humans.

Psions generally live a normal life within the Federation, though are subject to fear and awe from some people still. psions born outside the Federation are often times seen as blight, and are either chased away, destroyed or turned into a tool. The psions that do live somewhat normally often are well employed in fields that complement their abilities. On average 1 in every 1000 people have a PPE of 2, while 1 in every 10,000 people born has a PPE of 3 or more.


Psionics - The Basics

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