Psycoporation Perks

5 point Perk/ Double Jump: Must have at lest 6 ranks in Alter Space to take this perk. This talent allows the Psion to multiply the distance the can travel with Alter Space 2.

6 point perk/ After Image: Must have at lest 8 ranks in Alter Space or Alter Time to use this perk. This Talent lets the Psion use his/her Alter Space or Alter Time ability to leave multiple images of themselves for a few seconds that copy the Psions movements (Jumping quickly as to create false images of the Psion), giving the opponent a +1 step for every flanking position ( 2 images/The Psion ) when dodging and a 50% miss chance when attacking an image. It takes one action to prepare; a Alter Space or Alter Time check must be made for each attempt at creating an image but only the first check spends psi points. TThe psion can make a number of images equal to their DEX and WIL Resistance Mods.

10 point Perk/ Quick Save The psion must have 10 ranks in Alter Time or Duplicate to take this perk. With this the psion is capable of restarting a scene. Either by sending themselves to an alternate time-line with Duplicate or by sending their mind through the future with Alter Time. However it works the hero is capable, once a session, of restarting a scene.


Psycoporation Perks

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