Skill Cost-7-Psycoportation:
This ability allows the psion to bend time and space. Time/Space manipulation can be a tricky subject and should be monitored carefully when allowing abilities such as Dublicate and Apportation.

Skill Cost-4-Alter Space: This ability allows the Psion to bend space to teleport from one location to another.

1 Rank: At this level the Psion has no control over their ability. In times of stress the Psion may “blink” from one spot to another that can be up to their DEX Res Mod in meters. If the Psion is about to take damage this ability activates automatically and negates the damage and puts the Psion out of harm’s way.
5 Ranks: The Psion has learned to control the ability and can now teleport a number of meters equal to their Ranks. This allows the Psion to sneak attack opponents by jumping behind them, allowing for a -1 bonus to their next attack. The Psion must be able to see the area they are teleporting to.
8 Ranks: The Psion has learned to travel greater distances; this adds the Psion’s DEX Score and Ranks to make the total number of meters available to travel. The Psion’s teleporting is now considered a half-action.
12 Ranks: The Psion is now able to teleport through objects to reach the other side. If the Psion teleports into an object they are moved to the closest open space and take d4s/d4+2s/d4+4s depending on the quality of the object (Light = wood, paper, bodies. Medium = Steel, stone, earth. Heavy = Reinforced steel, concrete, condensed earth/stone.)
15 Ranks: The Psion can now teleport, on a good or greater check, to any person or well known location they have been. This costs double the Psi-points.

Skill Cost-4-Alter Time: This ability allows the psion to bend time, allowing for fast forwarding, slowing or pausing of time.

1 Rank: At this level the Psion has no control over their ability. In times of stress time will seem to slow down, allowing the Psion a greater reaction time. This gives the Psion a + 1 bonus to resistance mods when dealing with dodging.
5 Ranks: The Psion has learned to control their ability and is now able to control the flow of time somewhat. Slow down time: Slowing down time allows for the Psion to gain a + 1/+ 2/+ 3 bonus to resistance mods when dealing with dodging, as well as a -1/-2/-3 for their next initiative check, and a 0/-1/-2 to any action for the remainder of the round. This lasts for one round.
Rank 8: The Psion now has the ability to Speed up time. Outside combat this makes the passage of time rapidly accelerate around the Psion. Effectively allowing them to “jump” to the future. The Psion can travel through time according to their ranks in Alter Time in Hours/ Days/Weeks. The Psion can choose to go forward in less time, but not more. Inside combat this allows the Psion to jump 2/3/4 rounds into the future, removing themselves from combat. The Psion is then able to return at any point within the allotted time if they choose.
Rank 12: The Psion is now able to stop time, seemingly. The flow of time can never be stopped completely, it just passes so slowly that it seems to be. In this state everything but the Psion is frozen in time. The Psion can allow other objects, or people, to go through time normally if they are contacting them before the time stop, but this costs 2 psi-points extra per item, not including personal equipment, or person. The Psion can hold time for a number of rounds dependent on the check; 1 Round/ 1/2 ranks in Alter Time in minutes/ ranks in Alter Time in minutes. In this state the psion can manipulate and move objects but at a reduced speed. While holding objects larger than a hand-held item the psion moves at one-half their normal movement speeds. Dealing damage with time frozen is taken as an automatic amazing success to hit and damage in melee. Ranged attacks are made with the targets DEX Res Mod and any Dodge bonuses removed.

Skill Cost-3-Apportation: This ability allows the Psion to teleport objects through time and space, pulling items from the future, or the past to his location, or pushing things from his location to the past, or future.
1 Rank: At this level the Psion has next to no control over their power. At times of stress, or great need the Psion will push, or pull things from the present to the past or future. Items the Psion is desperately looking for may be pulled from the past(effetely being the cause as to the Psion not being able to locate the item, as it was lost in time.) or Push things he desperately does not want into the future.
5 Ranks: The Psion has learned to control this power and now can control –when- an object is. On a successful check the Psion can cause an item in his line of sight to move into the future 6 seconds/ 1 round/ 1 minute. This causes the item to fade away until the allotted time, where it will return to the same spot. If the item is moving when this happens, they item will return to the spot it was last seen. If, for example, a The Psion Apports the tire to a car on the highway, the tire will appear in the future some distance behind the car it came from, still rolling with the same momentum it had before. The Psion can also bring items from the past, to the present for a short time; 6 seconds/ 1 round/ 1 minute. The item cannot move through space, only time. After the allotted time the item will return back to the time it was removed, with any damage that it may have sustained. If, for instance, the Psion is looking for a key and the key is not on the hook it normally is, they may attempt to pull the key from its position on the hook from the past, to the hook in the present.
10 Ranks: At thi level the Psion has learned to pull the items they are affecting through space as well. The Psion an now pull an object from the past from a previous location that the Psion knows it was at some time to the present for a number of minutes as the Psion has in Apportation Ranks on an Amazing success and ½ that time, rounded down for a Good, and 1/3 that time, rounded up for an Ordinary. The Psion may do the same for objects being placed into the future, the object must be sent to a location the Psion has been to already.
15 Ranks: The Psion is now able to Apport living things, such as people. They must first make physical contact with the person.

Skill Cost-5-Duplicate: This ability allows the Psion to pull a copy of themselves from the future, past, or present of either their own time stream, or another time stream for a limited time.

1 Rank: The Psion has no control over this ability, and will sometimes find that they will be standing beside a ghostly image of themselves. This image can also see the Psion, though the two cannot interact in any way other then sight, others may also see the image with a successful Awareness check with a + 3 Difficulty.
5 Ranks: The Psion has gained enough skill to attempt to pull a copy of themselves from an alternate time-line. This type of Duplication is the safest to both time-lines. The Duplicate has the same stats and attributes at the Psion, the difference is that the Duplicate has plus or minus one skill point in each of the Psion’s skills, and has a different set of perks and flaws, equal to the amount that the Psion has, that are randomly rolled.
8 Ranks: The Psion can now attempt to pull a Duplicate of themselves from the future. The Future Duplicate comes from the same time-line, however, the Duplicate has + 0/+ 1/+ 2 ranks in all the Psion’s current abilities. The more ranks the further into the future the Duplicate was taken.
o From this point on whenever the Psion critically fails any roll they are taken by their past self into the past or into an alternate time-line. As a result the Psion is removed from the scene for d4 rounds, reappearing where he was last.
12 Ranks: At this level the Psion can bring in up to two alternate time-line selves to aid the Psion. His future Duplicate also gains + 1/+ 2/+ 3 ranks in skills.



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