Telekinetic Perks

2 point perk/ TK Surf: This Talent allows the Psion to ride around on a TK’d object without having to make difficult balance checks. The object cannot weight more then 100lbs, and cost 1 pp/minute to ride. You can travel at the Psion’s Flight Speed

2 point Perk/ TK Push: With this the Psion can use their Telekinetic abilities to create a wall of force to knock down enemies around them in a 10 foot radius, or a 20 foot cone. The push deals damage to the target and causes them to be thrown back up to4/6/10 meters, or until another object stops them. Damage is dealt as if the target is falling from 4/6/10 meters even if they did not travel that distance.

6 point perk/Shred: Shred allows the Psion to use his/her TK to literally rip a person apart. Shred cost double the Psi and deals d6+2w/d4m/d6+1m. The Psion can only target living creatures this way and the target gets both STR and WILL Resistance Mods to the Psion’s check.

3 point perk/ After Burn: This Talent allows the Psion to spend Stun and Fatigue as Psi-points to spend on Pyrokinetic and Electrokinetic abilities.

3 point perk/ Sustained Flame: This Talent allows the Psion to, instead of creating a powerful flash fire when using Pyrokinetics, create a continual or sustained flame such as a Cone of fire, a fireball or a blast wave. The Psion chooses one of the sustained abilities and gains the following.
Cone of Fire: The Psion creates a cone of fire from his person extending double their Will. This negates the effect of possible self burn but this fire cannot be enhanced using Psi.
Fireball: The Fireball does just that, creating a ball of fire to be thrown at a target. The Psion creates a small ball of fire that can be thrown like a grenade; the Fireball deals its normal Pyrokinetic damage as if it were a grenade dealing damage in an area. This also negates the possibility of self burn.
Flame Wave: Flame wave deals damage as a grenade-like weapon in a wide area around the Pyro. The range damage is as follows: 3 meters-Amazing/ 5 meters-Good/ 10 meters- Ordinary.

4 point perk/ Shock Dome: The Psion must have at lest 6 ranks in Electrokinetics to take this perk. This attack costs 9/6/3 psi-points. Shock Dome allows the Electro to deal damage to everyone with a 5/10/20 meter radius; it also acts like a magnetic shield, giving a 0/1/+2 resistance mod to the Psion against metal objects, such as bullets, or knives. The Psion also rolls damage as if they had held the charge on this attack equal to the number of actions they have per round. (If the Psion has 3 actions per round then roll the attack damage 3 times and add the number together before attacking)

4 point perk/ Crash of Thor: This talent gives the Psion the ability to build up a large charge around a target and unleash a devastating attack. The Psion designates a target and makes an Electrokinetic check: Critical Failure- The charge goes off much too closely and a powerful bolt strikes the Psion dealing a simulated 4 round charge in damage. Failure- the bolt goes off to far and misses its target, resulting in a 4 round charge loss of Psi. Ordinary- The Psion hits the target though most of the charge is dispensed in the wrong direction dealing a 1 round charge damage but 4 round charge equivalent to Psi. Good-The Charge hits but some of the energy is dispersed; dealing 4 round charges in damage and 4 round charge equivalent to Psi. Amazing-The charge hits and deals 6 round charge damage with a 4 round charge cost to psi.

4 point perk/ Winter Coffin: This perk allows the Cyrokinetic to instantly solidify a person in ice. This process cryogenically freezes a person, preserving their life until they naturally de-thaw. This attack brings a person down to 1 mortal point and completely immobilizes them. This attack must be designated beforehand and is conducted with a +4 difficulty and cost an additional +3 psi points.

3 point perk/ Mind Mirage: This talent lets the Psion with Photokineticks use their ability as if they had half ranks, rounded up, in Illusion

3 point perk/ Magnifier: This talent lets the Psion use their Photokinetics ability as if they had half the ranks, rounded up, in Pyrokinetics.

4 point Perk/ Elemental Shield: The Psion must have at lest 6 ranks in any of the Kinetic ability listed below to use them. By spending 1 psi-point the Psion covers themselves in the element of there profession for one round, gaining the following bonuses. They must make a good check each round to keep the ability active.
Fire: +2 Str -3step on all Pyro checks.
Ice: +2 will, -1 step on all Cyro checks, 1 DR
Lightning: +2 Dex, -2 step on all Electro checks, -2 action check
Earth: +2 Con, -1 step on all Eco checks, 3 DR
Light/Shadow: +2 Res, -2 Hide (Shadow) -1 Perception (Light)
Water: +3 Res, 1 DR
Sonic: +1 Res, +2 dmg
Wind: +2dex, +2 dex resist mod , -1 Aero checks

6 point perk/ Gaian Defence: This talent lets the Ecokinetic and Hydrokinetic automatically defend himself from attacks, even if immobilized, as long as they are within 10 meters of dirt, sand or stone or water or ice. The Psion makes a Ecokinetics or Hydrokinetics check for each attack made on his person with the attackers initiative for resistance (Marginal = +1, Ordinary = +2, ect.) on an Ordinary success all Light Impact damage is negated, on a Good the Psion also gains +1 cover bonus and +3 high impact soak, and on an Amazing the Psion also gains an additional +1 cover modifier and +3 energy soak. Each attempt costs the Psion 1 Psi Points

5 point perk/ Conversion Field: This talent lets the Psion use their kinetic shield to convert damage it stops into energy useable by the Psion. For every 3 points of light impact damage the shield absorbs, the Psion gains 1 psi-point. Every 2 points of High Impact Damage the Psion regains 1 point and for every point of Energy damage absorbed is converted to 1 psi-point. The Psion Psi-pool can exceed its limit this way for up to 1 hour.


Telekinetic Perks

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