Telepathy Perks

3 point perk/ Link: This talent gives the Psion the ability to mentally link themselves to another person. You share the same thoughts and feelings. This link lasts up to 24 hours or until the target dies. When used, it allows a -1 to all checks made against that target and a +2 on resistance modifiers against them.

3 point perk/ Mind Explosion: This talent allows the Psion to super charge their Concussions, for every additional psi-point spent the damage, psi-points and stunned rounds is increased by one.

5 point perk/ Personal Prison: This talent lets the Psion lock up a persons mind, putting them to sleep, or knocking them out for 1/2/3 minutes. The target must succeed a Mental Resolve check greater than the result of the Psion’s Concussion Check.

5 point perk/ Greater Mind Shield: With this the Psion can use their Barrier to protect them from even more Psionic abilities; Telekinetics, Electrokinetics, Cyrokinetics, AudioKinetics, Aura Viewing, Precognition, Ghost Walk (when applied to the Psion) Mind Drain, Remote Viewing (when Possession and Ghostly touch are used)

4 point perk/ Clear Thought: with this the Psion can stabilize an Illusion, giving them a -1 step to all Illusion checks.

4/6 point perk/ Thought Thief: With this a Psion can use Mind Drain to search person’s thoughts and gather information. This works as if the Psion had ranks in the Telepathic Ability Mind Reading. For 6 points the Psion is also able to steal a Psionic Ability from the target at their ranks in Mind Drain. The Psion retains the stolen Psionic ability until they sleep, or replace it with another.


Telepathy Perks

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