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- People
There are a lot of people in the world, be they mere humans, powerful psions or unfortunate mutants. This is a list of all of the peoples who’s names should be remembered.

- Places
The world is a big place, and its currently divided pretty strongly. Here’s a list of all those key locations in the world that are important to the people.

- Organizations
Here’s a list of the worlds most well known and influential organizations and groups. Mega corporations, governments, terrorist organization and mercenary groups will be found here.

- Cybernetics
With the introduction of the micro-computer, effective cybernetics were introduced to the world. Simple augmentations like mechanical limbs, and artificial eyes are open to the public, but some cybernetic augmentations are military only.

- Psionics
The next step in, successful, human evolution. Psions are a rare but growing breed of super powerful humans with special abilities that let them manipulate the world and people around them with the power of their minds.

- Mutations
The unfortunate effects of failed human evolution. However, sometimes these mutations are not terrible deformities or frightening, unwanted powers. These mutations are powerful alterations to the standard human body but are not quite psionic in nature.

- The Blackout
Several years ago the world went through a communications blackout.

Main Page

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